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A large crowd on both days at Yoxford Bowls Club witnessed some excellent bowling and some very close finals as the competitions for the 2019 season reached their climax.   Despite a  forecast of rain,  apart from a very short period most games were played in favourable conditions.   Two players retained their titles of the previous year; R. Claxton of Thurlton Bowls Club once again winning the Under 25’s Singles and P. Cook of Ixworth Bowls Club retaining the Veterans Singles title.  Our best wishes go with them and all the

County winners at the National Finals in Skegness.

R. Hard  about to deliver his bowl in the Under 25’s Open Singles Final.  With partner J. Sims they won  21-12


CLICK HERE for the Gallery of all 2019 County Winners



Men’s SinglesSponsored by Ray Dearing

M Payne  (Yellow)  9  v M Smith  (Red)   21

G Buckingham  (Yellow)  21  v  D Sewell  (Blue)       15


M Smith  (Red)   21  v G Buckingham  (Yellow)  16


Under 25’s Mixed SinglesSponsored by Kathy & Stuart Walsh

C Cooper  (Red) 15   v P Childs  (Blue)   21

A Pulford  (Green) 21   v  G Childs  (Blue)     3


A Pulford      21   v P Childs          0

Men’s PairsSponsored by Framtrade

M Frohawk, A Pulford  (Green) 23  v G Buckingham, S Pleasance  (Yellow) 10

M Payne, J Jenkins  (Yellow) 9  v A Blowers, M Smith  (Red)  25


M Frohawk, A Pulford  (Green) 15  v A Blowers, M Smith  (Red)  23

Mixed PairsSponsored by Mervyn Thomas

J Blowers, A Blowers  (Red) 11  v S Plummer, A Pulford  (Green)  19

C Pybus, D Sewell  (Blue)   18  v J Truin, R Goodchild  (Yellow)  17


C Pybus, D Sewell  (Blue)     14  v S Plummer, A Pulford  (Green)  23

2 Bowl RinksSponsored by Mike Fathers

S Thorpe, K Brown-Warr, F Spinks  (Red) 14 v G Buckingham, A Brunton, M Payne  (Yellow) 15  

C Riches, J Gill, S Brimelow  (Blue)   v A Pulford, C Bright, M Euston  (Green) W/O


A Pulford, C Bright, M Euston  (Green) 18 v G Buckingham, A Brunton, M Payne  (Yellow) 15

2 Bowl Mixed RinksSponsored by Joan Carter

R Goodchild, D Goodchild, J Truin  (Yellow) 21 v P Quilliam, K Culley, J Whitlock  (Red)  8

D Sewell, J Sewell, C Pybus  (Blue)  19  v L Alexander, S Pleasance, M Payne  (Yellow)  16


D Sewell, J Sewell, C Pybus  (Blue) 20 v R Goodchild, D Goodchild, J Truin  (Yellow) 10

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