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President - Mr. Trevor Lord

President Elect - Mr. Barrie Davis

Chairman - Mr. Gary Pleasance

Secretary - Stuart Walsh

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National Finals - Suffolk Results

2 Bowls Singles - Mark Euston,  won his first round match 21-20 against R. Robinson from derbyshire.  In the second round he  defeated  J. Emmerson of Notts 21-15, but lost the Semi -Final 12-21 against R. Jepson from Hunts who was the eventual winner.

4 Bowl Singles -  A. Drummond lost in the first round to T. Pope from Durham 16-21, who went on to win the title.

Under 25’s Singles - Daniel Moss won his first round tie against C. Lowes of Northumberland 21-11, and beat E. Elmore of Hunts 21-16 in the second round but suffered a narrow defeat of 20-21 against  Lincolnshires’ J. West in the Semi Final.

Vets Singles - C. Thurkettle lost in the first round 10-21 against P. Connelly from Durham.

Secretaries Singles - K. Dyer lost narrowly in the first round 20-21 to the eventual winner B. Shepperson from Derbyshire

Champion of Champions - I. Parker won his first round tie against B. Errington of Durham 21-12, in the second round he defeated A. Warrington of Northants 21-15 but lost his Semi-Final 11-21 against G. Shepperson from Derbyshire.

Pairs - R. Claxton, C. Parfitt won in round 1 23-9 against the pair from N. Cambs, but lost against the pairing from Lincs who were the eventual winners 9-22 in the second round.

Mixed Pairs - S. Hender, B. Elliston won their first game 16-12 but lost in round 2 to Humberside 11-22

Senior Pairs - L. Crick, K. Crabbe won their first round tie 22-12 against N. Cambs, but lost to the eventual winners from Humberside 16-17.

Senior Mixed Pairs - D. Hambling, J. Hambling won in the first round 26-15 against N. Essex,  had a 2nd round victory 13-11 against Lincs, beat Humberside 18-10 in the Semi-Final but lost the Final against Notts 11-22.

2 Bowl Triples - J. Gill, C. Riches, S. Brimelow won their 1st round tie 23-20 against N. Cambs, defeated Notts 20-18 in round 2, but lost their Semi-Final on the notorious Rink 15 against the eventual winners from Hunts 8-29.

3 Bowl Triples - R. Slee, K. Stevens, M. Euston lost in the first round 14-15 against N. Cambs

Mixed Triples - I. Parker, C. Jerrey, L. De Vere-Packford lost in round 1 against Lincs 7-23

Under 25’s Open Pairs - D. Moss, C. Moss lost in the 1st Round 10-16 against Humberside

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