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President - Mr. Neil Parfitt

President Elect - Mr. Keith Crabbe

Chairman - Mr. Gary Pleasance

Secretary - Kim Dyer

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Suffolk County Bowls Association

Wenhaston hosted the 3rd/4th place playoff and the Final for this years competition.   In the former, Area ‘D’ managed to repeat their ‘success’ of last year; in that they were initially in front and then managed to claw a defeat from the jaws of victory. Kevin Brown-Warr as captain completed an unwanted double and is seen with the infamous wooden spoon.

Area ‘A’ the winners of the Marie Denny by just 4 shots, courtesy of a very late rally by Area ‘B’ ; unfortunately the trophy was not available for presentation.

Marie Denny

Left and below - Action from the Final. Above, the presentations after the game.